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Hello and welcome to inBlurbs.

My name is Dragan Mestrovic I am in sales and marketing since 1992 and in internet marketing since 1997. I am an Inbound Marketing Certified Professional.

We at inBlurbs are committed to do Inbound Marketing.

Inbound marketing is a marketing strategy that focuses on getting found by customers.

Inbound Marketing includes Blogging, Social Media, Lead Conversion, Lead Nurturing and Closed-Loop Analysis.

See what Pat Caporuscio has to say about inBlurbs.com. Watch this video.

The marketing form yesteryear does not work anymore!

The interrupt marketing tactics from yesteryear have been focused on disturbing the potential buyer by cold calling, mass postal mail Radio and TV commercials and in the internet century by spam email to sell something to him have become obsolete!

The buyer from today is not dependent of any of these interrupting and disturbing marketing tactics from yesteryear! He researches by them self to find the products and services they want.

When your buyer researches about products and services which you have to offer as well, what will they find about you online?

“On the web you are what you publish. What are you?”

David Meerman Scott

Inbound Marketing helps you to get better found online from your customers when they need and want your product.

To be successful in Inbound Marketing and to get better found online you have to adapt the three main strategies which are Blogging, Social Media and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which is specially connected to your social media activities.

You can find more valuable articles and how to here in our Inbound and Internet Marketing Blog.

By taking the Inbound Marketing (IMU) classes you can learn to do Inbound Marketing for your business.

The Inbound Marketing University classes are available free of charge.

Inbound Marketing University Certification Program

As an Inbound Marketing Certified Professional you learn to identify your marketing objectives, setup an inbound marketing strategy for your business and do broader marketing/PR/branding tasks.

Some benefits of Inbound Marketing:

  • Save up to 60% of Your Marketing Budget
  • Stand Out of Your Competition
  • Generate a Massive Amount of Leads
  • Increase Your Customers and Sales

To become an Inbound Marketing Certified Professional you need to attend the Inbound Marketing University (IMU) classes and to take the certification exam.

Those who pass the exam will be Inbound Marketing Certified Professionals. Certified Professionals receive a badge on their InboundMarketing.com personal profile (see example),authenticated certification badge HTML code that can be posted to a website or blog, a certificate, and monthly „marketing perks.“

In order to receive the Inbound Marketing Certification, the recipient must pass a comprehensive online certification exam with a score of 75% or higher.

Prepare for the Exam

Begin the IMU online training program: Watch the 16 online courses. Download the entire IMU program to your computer – includes .mp4 files, class slides, study guide and an iTunes podcast


The exam contains 50 multiple choice and true & false questions, and the test taker has 50 minutes to complete the exam. You can begin the exam whenever you feel ready.


The exam covers all the material from the 16 webinar classes.

Passing the Exam

You must receive a 75% score or higher to pass the exam. Those who do not pass the exam will have the opportunity to retake the exam in 30 days. At that time, we will email you an invitation for the retake.

We will add more educational resources shortly to provide you with the best tools you need to better market your business, your self and your organization.

If you have any questions regarding the IMU certification I’d love to hear from you.